940,000 HDB Households To Receive U-Save Rebates This Month

Nearly 940K Singaporean family units living in HDB apartments are going to get GSTV U-Save deductions first month of 2021, communicated the Ministry of Finance on 2 Jan.

Of these, approximately 155K greater families will experience two and half times their usual Utilities-Save repayments in the financial year 2K20.

Family units residing in one- as well as double room HDB flats commonly enjoy Utilities-Save reimbursements equal to approximately three to 4 calendar months based on their energy expenses.

RV Altitude condo floor plan

“In addition to the GST Voucher– U-Save Special Payment offered last year, such families will obtain rebates corresponding to approximately 6 to eight months of their electrical expenses,” explained Ministry of Finance.

Houses residing in three- and four-room HDB apartments typically get Utilities-Save rebates up to roughly 1 to two months out of their energy costs.

The relief that they are going to get now will add up to at least 2 to 4 months of their utility expenses.

On the other hand, households with members who have greater than one residential property are not entitled with regards to the U-Save deductions.

On the whole, the govt is going to pay out $six hundred and thirty mil of Utilities-Save reductions for the FY 2020 to maintain family units, mainly the lower- and also working class families, take care of their household spendings.

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